Sexuality in Nauru, Sexual Snakes, Haere Po, Papeete Tahi 2008.
Sexual behavior and attitude are closely linked to conceptions of time.

La Beaute, la Vie, l’Amour, Journal des Psychologues La Beaute a travers le Temps, Paris 1993.
Beauty and Youth are not irreversibly linked–Love is for all ages.

Sacred Blood, Insula UNESCO, Journal of Island Affairs, Paris 1999.
Menstruation and circumcision in Oceania–two customs emphasizing blood.

Propriete tangible et non tangible, Societes, 41,  Paris 1993.
In Oceania, material property is not highly valued, while intellectual property—such as a mat design or a legend–is greatly praised and always belongs to a particular clan.

Ownership of the Sea, Laws of the Sea Conference, Ocean Year Book vol. 3, Chicago 1987.
In pacific Islands, tribes have property of the ocean–not only reef or lagoon but also channels and parts of high sea beyond the reef. This ocean property is comparable to land property in other societies.

La cocotier et ses usages, Journal Agriculture traditionnelle et Botanique appliquee, Paris 1983.
All uses of the coconut tree–from dugout canoe and construction material to food to specialty drink from the coconut bud.

Politics in Micronesia, Cahiers Histoire du Pacifique, Noumea, Nouvelle Caledonia, 1983.
Paths to different kinds of independence in the various territories of Micronesia.

Les Iles Fidji, Revue de Academie des Sciences d’Outre Mer, Paris 1982.
Aspects of Fijian culture: the role of bark cloth, Yagona ritual drink, gender roles, and hierarchical social organization.

Les Hommes les parfums et les Dieux.
Exhibit at the Musee de l’homme, Paris, 1980.

La Micronesie … ; Revue Academiede des Sciences d’Outre Mer, Paris 1979.
Unique cultural characteristics of Micronesia: Palau and its story boards, Yap
and its stone money, the Marshall Islands and their navigation charts, Ponape
and its Nan Madol ruins, the Marianas and Guam with their “latte stones.”

Le rat et le poulpe, Revue des Oceanistes, Paris 1978.
A popular legend in all parts of Oceania, describing an octopus helping a rat who
shows only ingratitude.

Nauru ou la civilisation de l’dorat, Objets et Mondes, Muses de l’Homme, Paris 1976.
Multiple aspects of the olfactory sense are present in fields as diverse as medicine, perfumes and body care, birth and delivery, evil and mythology.


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