Congress Papers

Emotion and concept of time, ASAO Congress, Salem MA, USA 2004.
Conception of time as duration encourages lasting emotions, while concept of time as instant leads to brief emotional attachment

Sexual Education in Oceania, Cultures en mouvement Congress, Montpellier, 2002.
Before her first menstruation, a girl goes to live with her maternal grandmother in a special, isolated place, to receive advice on body care and sexual education. This custom is so well known in the Marshall Islands, that the place–a kind of islet—is called by local inhabitants today the “University of Love”.

About violence, 18th Interamerican Congress at Psychology, Cuba, 1987.
Control of violence not by corporal punishments or material retaliation, but by non-violent weapons such as teasing.

Cross culture in Fidji Islands, 8th International Congress of Cross culture, Istambul, Turkey 1986.
Harmony and Hostility among Indians and Fijians in Fiji

Feminism and leadership in Polynesia, 1st Archeological Congress of Eastern Polynesia, Easter Island, 1984.
Although political and economic power, as well as family heritage, belong to women, femininity is extremely elaborated in Polynesia.

Shame and Ostracism in Nauru, 15th Pacific Sciences Congress Dunedin, New Zealand, 1983.
Violent punishments are replaced by shame and ostracism.

Taboos in traditional fishing, 15th Pacific Sciences Congress, Dunedin, New Zealand, 1983.
Sexual taboos and food taboos related to fishing in Oceania.

Magician and Healer in Nauru, 14th Pacific Sciences Congress, Khabarovsk, Siberia 1979.
Two different roles, two different status, both using foresight to cure.

Scientific Aspects of Love potions, 11th International Congress of Anthropology, New Delhi, India 1978.
Love-potion specialist and psychoanalyst: a comparison. The objects of both are emotions, and their tools–dreams.

Anthropological field work technics, 14th Pacific Sciences Congress, Bali, Indonesia, 1977.
The end of colonization and access to wealth and education by locals modifies the fieldwork of anthropologists.

Scent, Magic and Psychology, 16th Interamerican Congress of Psychology, Miami, Florida, US 1976.
Psychological importance of the scent and the olfactory world.

Tourism and acculturation, Symposium at University Santa Cruz, California, USA 1975.
Tourism conditions Tahitian behavior, as tourists’ perception is conditioned by
advertising. “I am what you think I am” Pirandello.

Western and Traditional Medicine, 13th Pacific Sciences Congress, Vancouver, Canada 1975.
Western medicines received by Islanders are modified by traditional treatments.

Status and Acculturation, 9th International Congress of Anthropology, Chicago, USA 1974.
High status, even without political power, slows down acculturation, as does low status.

Acculturation of children, 15th Interamerican Congress of Psychology, Sao Paolo, Brazil1973.
Various psychological tests indicate that children’s acculturation is faster than that of Adults.


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